Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Having a good entertainment system added on to the dashboard of your car may be a great idea, especially if you go on trips and long drives and such. A good dashboard head unit helps to make your long hours on the road more bearable, fun and entertaining. A good double DIN head unit with a good touchscreen paired with a good stereo system makes it more fun to interact with and offers a ton of smart features.

However, a good dashboard entertainment unit shouldn’t just offer the fun road trip experience, it should also offer some extra added security to your car, like maybe a smart backup camera feature for example. Almost every modern car, especially the models starting from 2019 are sure to come with a backup camera system in the car, but there are a ton of older cars out in the road that don’t have a backup camera, though oftentimes it can be a really messy and cluttered upgrade to make if you’re using a single DIN stereo or a double DIN with no touchscreen as it requires a separate screen mounted to your dashboard. 

Things to pay attention to and consider

Upgrading your head unit to have a backup camera system is a great idea but an upgrade like that will only clutters your dashboard head unit. A better choice would be to upgrade your car stereo as a whole and get yourself a better dashboard entertainment system, something like a double DIN stereo with a touchscreen is a great choice.

The bigger screen can display the footage from the backup camera system to your touchscreen head unit without the need of having an extra mounted display and cluttering your dashboard. It makes a much more clean and aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

Though if your car allows only a single DIN stereo you can always have the external dashboard mounted screen and try your best in making it look as clean as possible but if you don’t mind the bit of clutter you can always just roll with it.

Built in Navigation system

Try to get a head unit that comes with built in GPS or a navigation system. Of course using your phone is always an option with apps like Apple maps or Google maps to choose from, but one thing to consider is that it not only kills your phone battery but it also is dependent on your cell service.

If you were to be somewhere with no network coverage and you needed to use your phone maps then you’d be in a bind. Which is why a built in navigation system that has all the mapping and route information stored in the stereo memory is a better choice and is worth the extra few hundred bucks spent since it does come in handy. 

CD Players

With all the smart features to offer and the thousands of songs available in your phone’s music library a CD player isn’t an essential part of the upgrade anymore. Moreover, most new or low priced media players or even stereos don’t come with a disc player on them.

Video input and output

Most advanced and modern stereos will most certainly include a video input, which is why it shouldn’t really have any major impact on your choices. What a video input essentially does is let you connect your backup camera system to your stereo system which then allows it to display the video footage from the backup camera directly to your dashboard head unit screen.

A lot of higher priced and high-end stereo systems often have multiple video inputs, meaning you can connect another camera system on the front or anywhere else on your car for that matter, if that’s something you want or think is necessary for added security.

HD Radio

Some stereos come with an HD radio. What this means is that your radio is able to get better quality signal from the radio stations around. HD radios offer a number of benefits over your regular radios, when in the HD radio signal broadcast zone it gives you a better sound quality to listen to your favorite stations on and it also offers a better signal quality.

However, the stereo defaults to normal radio if you’re out of the HD radio signal range or reception. It is something worth checking out if you’re someone who listens to the radio often when driving and you want a better experience.

Now with all that said and done, let’s move on to our pick for the best car stereos with backup camera, the stereos mentioned in the following list all have the ability to display backup camera video footage.

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera




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Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Jensen CMN86

Digital assistant functionality

Includes a reliable GPS

Has a backlit control panel

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Car Stereo Single Din

GPS Navigation

Accessories included

Colourful backlight settings

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

UNITOPSCI Car Stereo Android 8.1

GPS Navigation

Mirror Link functionality

Android 8.1

Boss Audio Systems BVB9358RC

USB charging

SD card port

Bluetooth handsfree

Pioneer AVH-1500NEX

Includes accessories

Compatible with Apple CarPlay

Multiple connectivity options

1. Jensen CMN86 LED Multimedia Touch Screen Double DIN Car Stereo - Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Jensen offers an amazing double DIN car stereo with a really interactive 6.8 inch screen and it also comes with a great GPS navigation system is sure to not disappoint. It is also compatible with digital assistants like Siri or the Google assistant which definitely makes the driving experience much easier with a ton of hands free features that the assistants offer.

It offers an RCA input port for both the backup camera and even a front camera if you have one. The backlit control panel lets you use it without any issues even in complete darkness.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Wide interactive high resolution touchscreen
  • Handsfree features


  • Might not take certain map updates

2. UNITOPSCI Car Stereo Single Din Touchscreen Head Unit - Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

If you have a single DIN stereo system then this would be a great choice for you, UNITOPSCI offers a 7 inch HD retractable screen.

It includes an 8GB memory card that stores all your map data and also a rearview camera. This head unit also allows you to use mirror link with your smartphone devices, android or iOS. The HD screen offers fast and excellent response, making the interaction much more seamless.


  • Comes with a map memory card of 8GB
  • Android and iOS mirror link compatibility
  • HD screen quality


  • Mirror Link may not work with the most recent android or iOS updates

3. UNITOPSCI Car Stereo Android 8.1- Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

Another stereo head unit that offers mirror link. With the interactive 9 inch HD screen, 16GB ROM and 1GB RAM it offers a seamless and ease of use. The mirror link works with both android and iOS devices.

It has an android 8.1 operating system installed so the interface is familiar to many users. With 12 LEDs the camera you’re sure to get clear video footage on your 1080p display. It is also really durable with its 2.5D tempered glass.


  • HD 9 inch screen
  • Durable heavy duty build
  • Comes with a FM tuner


  • The rearview camera is a bit hard to install

4. Boss Audio Systems BVB9358RC - Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera

This is a great stereo for handsfree use, it allows you to make and answer calls via Bluetooth and the built in microphone makes sure you’re loud and clear. If you’re old fashioned and have a collection of CDs you want to listen from, this stereo system has got you covered.

With its built-in CD player you can listen to CDs on the go while still having Bluetooth and wired audio features to play from your phone.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Equalizer control
  • 80 watts power for audio


  • Smaller screen compared to other stereo systems

5. Pioneer AVH-1500NEX

Compatible with hands-free audio streaming and calls. This 6.2 inch touchscreen is extremely responsive, customizable and also easy to use. It is also compatible with smartphones like android and iOS and also supports Apple CarPlay.

If you want new speakers and woofers in your car, the three preamp outputs allow you to do that as well. It also supports third-party music apps like Pandora and Spotify to play music from wirelessly.


  • Customizable 6 inch screen
  • Compatible with android and iOS smartphones
  • Customizable parking assistant guidelines


  • Customers have complained about some defective backup cameras in the box

Final Words

A good head unit stereo offers a wide variety of included features than just a display, like good digital and audio technology to make the experience much more simple and user-friendly. That’s why we have chosen some of the best stereos with backup cameras here for you today. Hope this helped you in finding the one right for you!

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