Best Double Din Car Stereos

One of the first things that many do when they get into a car is turn on the stereo. This is a passion for many, some like playing some soft music while others prefer loud blaring music. But it is not as simple as it seems, and with a little bit of its basics it can be quite enjoyable for stereo enthusiasts. Radio or stereos come in different sizes, and the term DIN or Double DIN is used to describe the size of the stereo. DIN is basically a measuring standard which was created to develop a stereo frame which could be commonly used for different vehicles.

For those without proper knowledge on car stereos, it can get difficult to figure out the best stereo for your vehicles. If you are wondering what a car stereo consists of and what are its functions, then take a look at the list of the best double din car stereos which we have made for you to understand it a little bit better. 

Buying Guide

It will be better to get to know about what features double din stereos come with before buying one.

Know the types

Car stereos come with many features which can be confusing at times. It will be convenient to go through their features before purchasing one so that you can get the best double Din stereo for your vehicle. There are mainly three main aspects of double din car stereos: the stereo components themselves, the installation process, and the many competitions people go through to buy the best stereo and show off. All these aspects have been explained below in details.

The Stereo Components

Best Double Din Car Stereos come with different parts which combine to create the whole system. Small details about the various parts have been provided below:

The Head Unit

The stereos begin with the head unit which is the main part of the whole system. It is the source of all the music. This unit is used to play CDs, tapes or minidiscs and also is made to play digital recordings.  A signal processor receives signals from the head unit which divides the signals to various parts such as highs, mediums, lows or fading and balancing. This processor helps to keep wires separated so you do not get confused about what goes where and do not have to deal with multiples tangled wires. 

The Amplifier

There can be one or multiple amplifiers in a stereo, which aims at providing better sound. The sound from the head unit gets unclear at times and the amplifier helps to make them clearer with more power through the speakers. Amplifiers come in different classes too, according to how it fits which different kind of speakers. In order to power the main speakers, Class A amplifier is used for a better sounding power. Class D amplifiers are used to power subwoofers or low pitched audio speakers but it does not provide as clean sound as main speaker amplifiers. 

Placement of Speakers

This is not actually an equipment or part of the stereo system; it rather involves the placement of the speakers which is also an important feature to look into while getting a stereo. It is up to the setup of the stereo system which decides what kind of speakers to use, how they should be placed to get the highest quality and most sound out of the speakers for each listening position of the vehicle. 

The Speakers

Speakers are the hardest part to decide upon among the various other parts since they come with multiple choices. The choice of your speakers not only depends on what you need, it is also important to focus on what type of speaker you like and want according to your taste. All speakers are meant to do one same task, to play the music just how it was recorded. But most speakers end up producing the sound differently from the original recording. There are different options for speakers from which you can choose, but you are limited to since you need to choose the type of speaker which fits perfectly with your vehicle. An example could clear out the confusion for effective choice of speakers according to your vehicle type.  Suppose the frame of your car allows you to use only 6 inch speakers, but the speakers you liked comes in 6 inch 9 cm sizes. Not only would the speaker not fit, it will also produce a bad sound quality. The best solution to this problem is to use coaxial speakers. These speakers are good as they allow you to use two and three speakers in your car even though the main speaker remains in one spot. You can also get speakers on your doors and the best type would be tweeter speakers. These speakers produce the highest frequency music and also allow you to adjust the range of the sound. 

The Installation

The installation process is an important step which includes how to place all the different parts of the stereo into the car without making it look too much or making it seem bad and uncomfortable. One example about the installation process would be to place a fiberglass box with vinyl to mold to a panel in the car in order to replace the factory panel. This helps the new panel to properly order with the other parts of the vehicle. These are the basic components for a high quality car stereo system. 

A list of the best double din car stereos have been provided below to assist you in choosing the best stereo system for your car:

Best Double Din Car Stereos




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Best Double Din Car Stereos

Pioneer DMH-220EX

 Built in bluetooth

Back-up camera ready

Multilingual Display

Best Double Din Car Stereos

BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A

Digital multimedia receiver with AM/FM tuner

Variety of color illumination

Plays USB memory devices

Best Double Din Car Stereos

Double Din Car Stereo - COREHAN

10.1 inch screen

16 GB memory

Supports connecting to WiFi Hotspot

Best Double Din Car Stereos


 Upgraded Bluetooth

Has Mp4 Video Player

Hieha Double Din Car Stereo

7 inch display

Can play mp5, mp4 and mp3 music

Sony XAVAX1000

 Have subwoofer controls

Compatible with Siri eyes free

Double Din Digital Multimedia

Steering wheel control

Wireless remote control

LCD display

1. Pioneer DMH-220EX

Best Double Din Car Stereos

The Pioneer DMH-220EX is good to go with direct connectivity to both iPhone and Android for music and video through a USB. The price range is very reasonable and it is convenient to navigate through its menu. The built in Bluetooth allows hands free calling and gives you a reliable voice control through your smartphone. 

Key Features:

  • Compatible with both Android and iPhone
  • Enables hand-free calling and audio streaming
  • Back-up camera assists with rear visibility and parking
  • There 112 different key colors to choose from for interior lighting

Rating: 4.6/5


  • Installation is very easy
  • Back up camera allows safe parking


  • Requires separate antenna adapter
  • Wiring the harness can be confusing

2. BOSS Audio Systems BVCP9685A

Best Double Din Car Stereos

Make your drive more interesting with the BOSS Audio System with its multiple features including phone, music, maps, text messages, radio, podcasts and audiobooks. This stereo has taken safety to another level by automatically lowering the volume every time the vehicle is put on reverse mode or when the rear camera is turned on. Whenever in need of gas or looking for place to grab a quick bite, apps like Google Map, Baidu and Siri installed in the stereo help you to find your route and provide the speed limits also.

Key Features:

  • 6.2" resistive touchscreen display for easier navigation 
  • Comes with variable color button illumination
  • Has both high and low pass filters

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Has an optional remote control
  • Has a warranty for 1 year
  • Is compatible with most factory steering wheel audio controls


  • Not compatible with every vehicle
  • Navigations might be a bit confusing

3. Double Din Car Stereo - COREHAN

Best Double Din Car Stereos

The double Din car stereo- COREHAN allows you to have a perfect driving experience. If you are long for the best Android head unit to support all your speakers, this will be the perfect stereo system for you. The large 10 inch screen comes with many features and options to navigate through and the installation process is much convenient too. 

Key Features:

  • Large screen enables split screen and multitasking
  • Allows to download as many apps 
  • Supports multiple channels for both audio and video

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Has 1 year warranty
  • High display resolution


  • Nonadjustable screen
  • Have to purchase separate extendable wires


Best Double Din Car Stereos

Get your favorite contents within your finger reach with the Jensen CDR462 stereo system. It allows you to have verbal access to Siri or Google without the need to navigate through buttons. Enjoy your ride through wireless music streaming through both your Android and iphone devices with this double din car stereo.

Key Features:

  • Has a 6.2 inch LED/LCD high resolution screen
  • Contains a head unit multimedia receiver which pairs with most devices
  • Lets you charge your devices

Rating: 4.2/5


  • Cost Effective
  • Sensitive mic provides clear call clarity


  • Need to purchase separate amplifier at times

5. Hieha Double Din Car Stereo

The Hieha Double Din Car Stereo with its large display helps you have a smooth driving experience as you can play all mp5, mp4 and mp3 music and also can play your favorite videos.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Supports different file types
  • Contains both regular and steering wheel remote control system

Rating: 4.1/5 


  • Steering wheel contains multimedia control buttons
  • Contains colorful lighting system


  • Head unit supports resolution smaller than 1920x1080

6. Sony XAVAX1000

The rotary dial system of this stereo makes it easier to operate without getting distracted. It also works with voice commands. A smaller rear chassis makes it easier to install the system and leaves room behind the display for storing cables or other accessories.

Key Features:

  • Can play flash drives and old mp3 players 
  • Contains dedicated rear camera input
  • Has a rotary volume for easy operation

Rating: 4.6/5


  • Does not take much space
  • Contains rear view camera for easy parking


  • Smaller display screen

7. Double Din Digital Multimedia

Hook up your smartphone to the Double Din Digital Multimedia stereo, play your favorite playlist and enjoy the ride. Even if you are not in the car you can still control the music from outside using the remote control that it comes with. This stereo system lets you to drive freely without getting distracted by also letting you control your playlist just using the steering wheel. 

Key Features:

  • Music streaming and Video playback 
  • Stereo can be controlled using the steering wheel too

Rating: 4.2/5


  • Videos can also be played with music
  • Supports various audio formats
  • Has bright and dynamic display


  • Contains a longer antenna
  • Have to buy separate wiring harness

Bottom Line

Every car audio enthusiast will know about each stereo equipment and how to install them and all their features. Hopefully this list of the best car stereos will help them to choose one according to their needs and likes. The list have been detailed enough so that even the people with less knowledge about stereos can get to purchase their preferable stereos without any confusion. 

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