Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

A good sound system will go a long way as a long-term person so the better the quality is the more it is likely to last and for your car you always want the best. But it gets difficult trying to manage your songs and calls while driving as you need to stay focused on the road and that is where the double din head unit comes into play. Read this article of the best double din head units for sound quality.

It's a bright and colorful surface that lets you control the flow of your songs and allows you to take calls through a touch screen or button system and for a quality listening experience you need a quality double din head unit. So if you are looking for something that has great value for money check out the information below.

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality




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Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

Boss Touch Screen Head Unit

AM/FM presets

Audio output settings

Bluetooth connection

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

ZHNN Android Head Unit

Backup Camera input

Steering Wheel control

Offline and online GPS

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

BIXLIYER PX6 Double Din Unit

Split-screen mode

Google play store

4k video support

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

Boison Navigation Head Unit

Supports wifi

Customizable wallpaper

Apple airplay

ATOTO Floating Head Unit

QLED display

Rearview parking

Phone integration link

Canecho Double Din Car Stereo

Mirror link

Bluetooth 4.0

Built-in wifi module

1. Boss Touch Screen Head Unit - Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

An audio player, radio, and digital screen rolled into a single package, the Boss touch screen unit is the perfect head unit to take place in the center of your car. It features a touch screen display system that is simple to use.

When you get this head unit you get multiple options for ways through which you can play music depending on your device. It can be connected wirelessly or with a wire to play music.

With Bluetooth technology, you can even manage your calls on the road making it easier to maintain your safety on the road even when you are driving.


  • You can connect to Spotify through Bluetooth
  • You can charge your devices with a USB port
  • There are built-in presets available
  • A wireless remote allows passengers in the backseat to control the unit


  • Touch Screen may not be calibrated perfectly

2. ZHNN Android Head Unit - Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

If you need a head unit that wastes no time in connecting to your Android devices then what are you waiting for? Just grab this head unit from ZHNN and install it in your car to begin a driving experience that is filled with high-quality sounds. It allows a clear sound of the people on the other side of the phone so you can handle your calls without any issue.

It also makes driving easier with two different cameras. Often you may find roads filled with varying small obstacles, and with the front and back camera, you can avoid anything in your path easily.

This piece of technology is not only hindered by one connection system as it can also link with an iOS system so apple users don't need to worry about using this head unit.


  • You can control everything from your steering wheel or handbrake
  • You get access to all kinds of map locations
  • Reverse image screening is possible due to cameras
  • It has a dual-zone function to run two separate apps


  • It does not support split-screen

3. BIXLIYER PX6 Double Din Unit - Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

If you are looking for a good navigation system then we have got just the thing for you with the PX6 head unit which is a satellite navigation system that can bring out your location and the location of where you need to go with only a click. The built-in navigation system also works offline and online so that you can save or download your maps before driving off.

This is a new type of smart technology as you can connect your car to the Internet with a Wi-Fi connection or a data connection. This allows you to utilize the Google search engine for sudden online inquiries. You can also bring up any song you want to play through the larger digital display screen.

As it works like a phone you can also open up the play store application to download other applications if you find yourself in situations where you need those apps.


  • You can adjust the screen dimensions and change the color of the lights
  • Information is displayed on a 10.1-inch screen
  • The road mapping system is updated to consider current conditions
  • It can connect to both Apple and Android phones


  • There may be issues with fast booting

4. Boison Navigation Head Unit - Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

Best Double Din Head Units for Sound Quality

If you find yourself becoming a fan of the PX6 then you will find yourself quickly adjusting to this head unit too as they both have a similar user interface and function. Although the difference is that this unit is a quad-core navigation system that also produces high sound no matter how bad the song maybe.

You may feel free to arrange the display screen to your liking as it allows you the option to change the layout of the screen and it also provides you with different color options in case the same old backlight starts to get boring. You can arrange it in such a way so that all of your important apps are grouped.

Multitasking is also made easy with this double din head unit as you can view your information through a split-screen function. This means you can manage calls while also operating your GPS navigation.


  • It has 32 GB of storage space for all of your songs
  • A built-in microphone allows you to take calls via Bluetooth
  • Reverse camera viewing is allowed for easy parking
  • The built-in radio has a worldwide range


  • Booting time may be slow for some devices.

5. ATOTO Floating Head Unit

If you have trouble managing all your different functions in your car then with this ATOTO head unit you will experience no trouble. It has a ten-inch display that displays every feature in a clear view without any disturbance so that you can focus on the road without worrying about messing up your control center.

It has an octa-core processor to handle difficult tasks smoothly and it connects to devices fast through Bluetooth and you can even connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. This allows you to experience a wireless listening experience without the worry of bunched up cables.

You can connect your phone with a USB cable or wireless system and then control the head unit with your phone so that you can manage your apps more easily on a larger screen.


  • You can control all functions through a remote on the steering wheel
  • The touch screen system allows quick app use to keep you focused on driving
  • Depending on your speech this head unit can support many languages
  • You can adjust audio with an amplifier


  • There is no manufacturer warranty

6. Canecho Double Din Car Stereo

The Canecho car stereo is a great device that provides all kinds of audio and video features to keep you occupied with good music while also helping you navigate the roads to get to your destination safely. It also has a built-in CD player if you want to enjoy a classic and old school listening experience.

It has sufficient processing memory at 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM so that you have more than enough space for your road trip playlist in case you can't listen to music online. And if you need any more space then you can attach a device that has up to 64 GB of ROM available for storage.

It has a 6-inch display system for videos so you may also be able to watch small videos in your car to keep you entertained even through your breaks from driving.


  • It has an internal microphone which you can use to handle calls while driving.
  • It allows you to shift through 5 types of radio channels
  • You can enjoy videos at a 1080p HD quality
  • The DVR function allows you to record the paths you take


  • The radio may glitch occasionally

Final Thoughts

A new double din head unit may be just the difference you need in making a long and tiring journey a much more tolerable experience and the devices listed above do not slack off in providing you with great sound quality. Depending on your tastes you may find yourself in need of a specific head unit and the ones listed above have a variety in how they can function so all you need to do is to make a final choice on what you think is best for you.

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