Best Double DIN Head Units

Whether the journey is a long or short one, there’s one thing that must be present in our vehicles’ music system. Amidst the monotonous and hectic schedule, harmonizing with the music in our cars is probably the only time we have for cooling off.

With that being said, a clear and good quality audio system is almost a necessity if you’re looking forward to having a great time even while you are on the move. Moreover, aren’t you all tired of your music getting distorted halfway and not being loud enough? Then the double din head units shall be your ultimate best friends! 

The double din head units offer the best possible sound quality without any obstacles. As an average person spends a lot of time on the road, a good sound system can have a huge impact on their daily lives as well. You might refrain from losing your calm at the office if you’ve been grooving to some amazing quality music on your way!

In addition to that, once you’ve installed the double din head units, your vehicle’s resale prices shall boost due to the features- resulting in a win-win situation. However, the huge number of double din head units available in the market may baffle you, which is why our list will be your best guide into making a satisfactory purchase!

Buying Guide

Choosing the right head unit for your vehicle may be a strenuous task, which is why it is essential to know the key characteristics of the product.

Know the Features

For a typical car manufacturing company, the audio system of the vehicle is not of utmost priority. That is why, even though the other features of the vehicle are top-notch, the sound quality may be moderate.

Here, the role of a double din head unit comes into place- they elevate your moderate audio system into the best possible quality. A regular double-din audio system comes with multiple features, most of which are necessary to go through to make sure it aligns with your vehicle. It depends on your ultimate objective which product suits the best for your needs.

However, factors such as the size of the product are not of worry, as the double DIN is a standard size worldwide. Even after that, there are multiple variations to choose from which might be troublesome. To ensure a one-time satisfactory purchase, get to know the key features of the double din head unit beforehand.

Double DIN

A double DIN is mainly a 4” by 8” screen that displays all the graphics and connects to all the other technologies of the vehicle. It is to corroborate high-quality audio that coheres with all the other functions of the vehicle, making yours more advanced with a better experience than ever. The double-DIN shows all the available tech that you can connect to, with just a tap on the screen! 

Head Unit

Since it is essential to know the key terms regarding the product before the purchase, let’s talk about the head unit itself. A head unit is simply a program that enables all the hardware and software to operate. It ensures that you have control over different platforms, all at once. Whether it’s Wi-fi or Bluetooth, the head unit can take care of them all!

Therefore, as the head unit is one of the important parts of your entire audio system, it is wise to only purchase after thorough research and observation. Luckily enough, our article is the perfect place to suggest to you the best!

Buying Guide

In the lead of purchasing the double DIN head unit, it is advisory to understand the benefits that the product has to offer. Will it make your vehicle’s other technologies slower? Does it have any other benefits than higher sound quality? All these questions and many more shall be sufficiently answered before you finally buy the product. 

Sound Quality

Purchasing the double DIN head unit might seem unnecessary to some, as the question ‘what’s wrong with my car audio?’ pops up in your mind. As discussed earlier, the in-built audio that your vehicles are made with, are mostly of average quality. This is because it is not of the top priority to the car manufacturers. However, installing the double DIN head unit will not only raise your sound quality but also enable you to connect to all the technology of your car all at once. Still, confused? Let’s move further.

Audio Distortion

If the higher sound quality wasn’t enough of a reason for you to install the double DIN head unit, it also makes sure your audio quality remains the same in high volumes as well! Remember the instance when you and your friends loved a song and decided to blast your ears off by increasing the volume, the audio got so distorted after doing so that you could barely even listen? Well, installing the double DIN head unit will make sure you never experience that ever again in your life.

Amplifiers and equalizers

For the advanced music fans, who want to upgrade your sound quality even further, it’s time to watch out for the advanced head units! Not only do they include the entire tech for an upgrade, but also consist of amplifiers and equalizers to provide you the maximum satisfaction possible. The best part is, they are available in one single piece, which means- Bid farewell to your search for separate pieces for the maximum audio quality right now!




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Best Double DIN Head Units

Dasaita MAX10

Assists multiple video formats.

Built-in high-quality equalizer and amplifier.

Easy internet access.

Best Double DIN Head Units

 ZHNN 9 inch

High-definition display.

Mirror link with both Android and Apple.

Assists front and back view camera.

Best Double DIN Head Units

Dasaita MAX6

Supports Carplay and Android.

Rotatable split screen.

Easy internet access.

Best Double DIN Head Units

Podofo Doubledin

Consists of a backup camera.

Internet access.

Online and offline GPS.

Mirror link connection assistance.

 Podofo 9.7-inch Doubledin

Accessible internet.

Online and offline navigation.

High-definition display.

Back up camera available.

 Dasaita V10

Assists steering wheel control.

Includes JBL amplifier.

Mirror link connection available.

1. Dasaita MAX10

Best Double DIN Head Units

The Dasaita MAX10 comes with commendable vehicle compatibility and a built-in amplifier and equalizer. If that wasn’t enough, it supports most of the video and audio formats with maximum possible quality. Moreover, it has amazing internet access and clear radio reception without any disruptions. 

The product comes with a high-resolution touch screen that ensures every tap of yours is counted! In addition to that, it also supports both Carplay and Android.

Key Features:

  • Assists in steering wheel control
  • Supports Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and hotspot
  • Supports GPS and multiple formats of audio/video
  • Amazing radio reception

Rating: 5/5


  • High-quality display
  • GPS and Internet assurance
  • No audio/video/radio disruptions
  • Both wired and wireless


  • Does not support factory amplifier
  • Designed for a specific model

2. ZHNN 9 Inch

Best Double DIN Head Units

The android head unit is 9 inches, with a standard wire harness and a high-definition touch screen. It is fairly easy to install and consists of built-in Wi-fi and hotspot modules, which ensure high-quality audio and mirror link. With a split-screen, this head unit also has a front and back view camera that has to be connected to the phone.

Furthermore, the built-in GPS and navigation add to the usefulness of the product. The hand brake and steering wheel control are bonuses! 

Key Features:

  • Supports Hotspot, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi
  • Built-in GPS; assists in navigation
  • The steering wheel and hand brake control
  • Supports high-definition video

Rating: 5/5


  • High-definition touch screen
  • Supports mirror link
  • Easy-to-use GPS and navigation
  • Built-in internet access


  • Amplifier and equalizer not available
  • Connecting all the wires may be time-consuming and risky

3. Podofo 9.7-inch Doubledin

Best Double DIN Head Units

This double din audio system comes with a built-in Bluetooth and radio connection to avoid any disruptions. Furthermore, this product consists of a rear-view camera and high-definition display, which makes your experience even better! 

The product also provides a mirror link connection along with an internet connection, making it easier for you to access any video or audio. In addition to that, this double din supports multiple audio/video formats as well.

Key Features:

  • Comes with colorful backlit buttons
  • Mirror link connection
  • Online and offline navigation
  • Vertical screen
  • Supports Internet and Bluetooth

Product Rating: 4.6/5


  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth support
  • Backup camera available
  • Customizable sound system
  • Driving recorder available


  • No amplifier and equalizer available
  • Batteries aren’t included

4. Dasaita MAX6

Best Double DIN Head Units

With a 10.2-inch screen size, this double din head unit offers multiple vehicle compatibility and multiple functions through a split-screen. The easy-to-connect mirror link ensures it to be user-friendly, while the built-in internet makes everything easier to access. 

A high-definition video format provides the best possible experience and the built-in DSP specializes in amplifier and equalizer.

Key Features:

  • Supports W-fi, Bluetooth, and Hotspot
  • Rotatable and detachable screen
  • Easy mirror link connection
  • Built-in GPS

Rating: 4.4/5


  • Built-in GPS and Wi-fi
  • Amplifier and equalizer available
  • Accessible internet connection
  • Split-screen with high-definition


  • Doesn’t assist in the hand brake control
  • Expensive

5. Podofo 9-inch Doubledin

With a hands-free option, this double din head unit allows you to drive safely while enjoying your favorite music! The GPS and navigation provide satisfactory performance, while the high-definition display makes video streaming even better. 

In addition to that, the new version of the head unit enables faster speed and user-friendly access to all the controls. The steering wheel control and mirror link connection make this product an even more attractive choice.

Key Features:

  • Built-in GPS and Navigation
  • Accessible Internet 
  • Supports multiple video formats
  • High-definition display

Rating: 4.2/5


  • Back up camera available
  • Multilingual functions
  • Clear radio reception without any disruptions
  • Supports both Apple and Android


  • No amplifier and equalizer available
  • Is not compatible with multiple vehicles
  • Batteries aren’t included

6. Dasaita V10

This double din head unit comes with a 10.2-inch high-definition screen, that supports multiple video formats and ensures the highest audio quality. With a rear-view camera and built-in GPS, this head unit might just become your best friend. Moreover, the Bluetooth and handsfree option enable your safety even while driving.

In addition to that, this double din supports steering wheel control and has a buildable sound system- customizable as per your wants! Aside from all these, it enables high-resolution video streaming and the phone mirror link connection is compatible with both Apple and Android.

Key Features:

  • Built-in GPS and navigation
  • Accessible mirror link connection
  • Rearview camera available

Rating: 4.3/5


  • GPS and Bluetooth assistance
  • Mirror link connection to IOS and Android
  • Handsfree option
  • Rearview camera available


  • No amplifier and equalizer available
  • Limited internet access
  • Batteries are not included


In our hectic and monotonous schedules, it’s a necessity to cool off your stress. For a majority of people, listening to music or streaming videos works as a stress relief. Since the average individual spends most of his time in a car or vehicle, why not utilize that time to cool our stress off? Installing the double din head units make our stress-relieving process is a peaceful one, avoiding any sort of disruptions.

Most of the double-din head units come with internet access, that makes any audio or video accessible. Whether it is audio or video, the double din head units can support multiple formats. In addition to that, they also come with a mirror link connection option that makes all the functions even more accessible! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to elevate your car jamming sessions by a double din head unit with the help of our article!

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