How to Install Double Din Stereo?

If you want to upgrade your car with new technology then a new stereo may be what you are looking for. It comes with GPS and other new features and to help you install double DIN stereo we have provided the information below. Check out this article on a step by step process to install double DIN stereo in your car.

The Head Unit

This is the main screen of the system that allows you to scroll through different options and control the system whether you want to play some music or need to open the GPS. You will be provided with a harness and extra cables for attachment so all you need to do is to modify your dashboard to make it fit. Although depending on the model of your car you may need a specific harness.

Modifying the Interior

This is the disassembly of your interior which consists of all things electrical. Before you do this make sure the power is off or the car isn't running. To complete this process you will need tools like a nylon trim tool and pliers to take off all the different compartments. This may consist of the radio and cigarette lighter. But be careful so as not to shock yourself.

The Wi-Fi Antenna

The wiring that will connect to the antenna will have to go through the dashboard so you need to remove the glove box. You need to use the nylon tool to then remove the upper panel of the glove box and then clean the area before gluing the antenna down. The higher the antenna the better the signal will be and for a stronger hold, you can use some tape.

Hands-Free Microphone and Backup Camera

The hands-free microphone should be placed on the driver's side of the seat. To make the fit you will need to remove the knee panel and the door gasket. You will also need to do this to attach the camera and you may need a Phillips head screwdriver for this task. The wires will be fed through the bracing between the roof and you can use some clips to make the hold stronger so they don't become loose. The camera will go near the tail light.

USB and Head Unit

When installing the USB you have free reign to place it wherever you want but the advised location would be the control center as it is nearest to the driver's seat. The wiring is fed through the glove box and you may need to drill some holes depending on your wires.

To attach the head unit remove the factory radio installed in your car. You can use pliers for the alignment tabs and then clean around the area before installation. You will be provided with screws for your head unit.

Final Thoughts

All that is left is finalizing and double-checking all of your installations to make sure everything works and then reattaching everything you took off. Make sure all your wires are in their correct locations and you're done. But if you are afraid of harming your car you should get this done by a mechanic.

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